Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Tis The Season

Due to a busy end of summer and a bit of traveling (oh, you know, just driving cross country), there has been a bit of neglect to OUAP operations.  For that I apologize...though it's not for lack of material that's for sure.  So stay tuned, I hope to get some of the orchard material up soon.

In the meantime though, it is football season.  Therefore, it is tailgate season.  Therefore, it is Christmas in September.  
Except Santa's Sleigh is replaced by a heavy duty truck, his elves wear chef's hats, and the presents come smothered in barbecue sauce.  And there's a chance the eggnog is replaced by rum punch and bloody mary's...  
What can we say?  'Tis the season you know.  

Unloading the sleigh

Best bar in the lot

The bloody mary aficionados

Mad Dog pulls through with a ready-to-eat app while we wait for the grills

Ultimate BM garnish

Dusted with celery salt...how classy

Because sometimes you just need a good glass of pinot noir to get psyched up



Ah, the return of Bobby's Mystery Layer dip.  

How many layers are there?  What are they??

You just have to taste and find out.

Here come the ribs, wrapped in foil with care

With the introduction and debut of Bobby's 'Bobby-Q Sauce'

A drizzle of honey added to the finishing brush strokes to get that nice caramelization

Come out from your home little one...

...and hit the heat!

Perfect resistance off the bone.  Bravo Bobbo

Steak tips in an asian marinade next

A coveted 'was stuck to the grill' treat

Tender, juicy, flavorful

Warren's spud spears get some heat

Salt, pepper, paprika, and a grilled crispy edge?  We'll take it

God Bless the Meat and Potato 

Santa grilling his custom made lamb sausage for his main event.

take that, and add some fresh corn salad with basil and red onion...

...smother with a cilantro/mint yogurt sauce...

...and stuff in a pita with fresh tomatoes, chopped cucumbers (from Santa's own garden...in the cape... you cant expect him to be in the North Pole all year), and homemade pickled onions.

Gimme more a that corn salad...

Couldn't lose with any bite

Mad Dog Approved.  Now that's a good dish.

Another successful tailgate.  Post-game the Pats attested their own win to the inspirational smells of success coming from our side of the parking lot.  

What can we say?  We do what we can.

Happy Elves.

Merry 'gaiting!

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