Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Guinea City

Mini Guinea - the first hatched of the lot - is not so mini anymore...
His once one-Guinea town has now turned metropolis.  I give you: Guinea City.

Guinea subdivisions

Guinea cheerleading practice

Guinea storytime

Guinea rush hour

Guinea conga line

Guinea cold shoulder

Guinea coffee break

Guinea mosh pit

Guinea intruder

Guinea investigative team

Guinea confusion

Guineas guineas everywhere

Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's Eat

My stockpile of food photos that I haven't shared with you yet is starting to steadily grow.  In an effort to stay up to date, I thought I'd lighten the load a bit and show some highlights of the past few weeks to just so you wouldn't miss anything.  You may need a napkin nearby...Bon Appetit, mon amies  

Fish tacos - a summer must.  Filets marinated in a romesco/gazpacho inspired sauce with all the fixins...

...which were:  cilantro harvested 30 feet away, warm handmade corn tortillas by Nubia and Lupe that afternoon, homemade guac, spanish rice, and quesco fresco.

Hit with some lime juice and you're in freshness heaven.

Hot Off the Grill:  Grilled last-of-the-season shaved asparagus pizza finished with guinea eggs on top.  First attempt at this homemade dough recipe.  It'll get a second round I'd say.

Don't forget the cheese layer underneath - gruyere, mozz, and some leftover smoked gouda.

Finish with a squeeze of a lemon, salt, pepper, and freshly snipped chives.  The addition of the runny yolk will blow your mind.  

What to do with the other half of the dough?  Keep grilling of course, and make it dessert.

The birth of the S'mores Pizza. 

Testing of construction methods:  chocolate, marshmallow then graham vs. graham, 'mallow, then chocolate.  The former won.

Why I had a stomach ache for a day and a half.

Looking for more innovative desserts?  Try these on for size:  BCB paninis.

First the Brie

Then the Chocolate

And then the Basil

The rosemary sourdough from the bakery downtown was an excellent choice for bookends.  Don't forget to oil or butter both sides for the crispy exterior.

Talk about an amazing flavor combination from three ingredients:  savory, sweet, decadent, melty, with a crunch.  Mark it down for your next party.

How many ways can you have guinea eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?  Perhaps The Question of the Summer.

That morning's choice was on top of a sweet potato/yukon gold hash, sauteed with rosemary and thyme from the garden.  Don't forget the red pepper flakes.

I am honestly obsessed with guinea egg yolks.  In the words of a dear friend, they are "rub it in your hair good."

Exploring the world of fresh figs

Marinating in freshly squeezed orange juice and honey on kebab skewers 

Reducing in port wine and other wonderful things like cinnamon and honey

In the meantime, dinner is served.  Baked halibut with a lemon juice thinned mayo and mustard sauce with garlic scapes

And one of my all time favorite things: a mound of greens fresh from the garden - spinach, beet greens, snow peas.  Accompanied by blue cheese chunks, beets, toasted almonds, and a vinaigrette of fresh orange juice, white balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Who knew a snow pea could be such a great carrier boat for blue cheese and almonds

Then finally time to hit the grill

Served with plain greek yogurt thinned with the marinade of OJ and honey, topped with toasted almonds, and, well, more honey.  Because, why not?

 Puff pastry time.

Port wine-Fig jam cave

Topped with the jam, the leftover blue cheese, and the toasted almonds

Buttery and flaky have never had it so good.

Just your average mountain view dinner.  Eggplant parm stacked high with homemade marinara, mozz, and lots of the real deal parm of course.  Homemade rosemary focaccia on the side for dipping and mopping. 

And just your average camping dinner.  Rice noodle vegetable curry with snow peas, swiss chard, mushrooms, and zucchini, all from the Steamboat Springs farmer's market.

Never forget the beverage.  Beer of the Rockies best enjoyed looking at them.